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Gardening is a popular pastime, but not one that we do alone. Whether hidden beneath the soil, buzzing in the borders or singing on the fence, thousands of wild animals share our spaces, providing vital support to our own horticultural successes - yet we know very little about most of them!

The Buzz Club intends to change that. We are a citizen science club, bringing together gardeners and volunteer scientists of all ages to answer important questions about garden wildlife, such as:

• Why are once-common species disappearing, and how quickly is it happening?
• How can we turn our gardens into havens for pollinators and other wildlife?
• How 'wildlife-friendly' are our actions, really?
• What can we do better?
• What do you want to know?

Membership is free. However, if you want to support the work of the Buzz Club further, you can also become a sponsor. Sponsorship is for £2/month - which can be paid monthly or in a 12-month chunk. This helps us to pilot new projects, maintain this website, prioritise time to answer emails, and come up with new ideas. The Buzz Team are very busy in their non-Buzz roles, and having sponsorship helps us keep this club running smoothly.


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